d-Alpha-Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

As a fat-soluble nutrient, Vitamin E works synergistically with Vitamin C, by scavenging free radical oxidizers in the fat cells, whereas Vitamin C normally works in watery biologic fluids. Vitamin E protects the polyunsaturated fats and other vulnerable components of the cells and their membranes from destruction, it also protects all the cells' lipids (fats) and related compounds, such as Vitamin A. Vitamin E exerts an especially important antioxidant effect in the lungs where the cells are exposed to high oxygen concentrations that can destroy molecules in their membranes. As the red blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs to other tissues, Vitamin E protects their membranes, too. Vitamin E may also help defend against heart disease. Normal nerve development also depends on Vitamin E, and the vitamin protects the white blood cells that defend the body against disease and may play other roles in normal immunity.

Recommended Dietary Allowances: Men = 40 IU; Women = 30 IU; Pregnant or Nursing Women = 15 IU (10 mg)

  • Major anti-oxidant nutrient
  • retards cellular aging due to oxidation
  • supplies oxygen to the blood which is then carried to the heart and other organs thus alleviating fatigue
  • aids in bringing nourishment to cells
  • strengthens the capillary walls & prevents the red blood cells from destructive poisons
  • prevents & dissolves blood clots
  • has also been used by doctors in helping prevent sterility, muscular dystrophy, calcium deposits in blood walls and heart conditions.
  • rupture of red blood cells
  • loss of reproductive powers
  • lack of sexual vitality
  • abnormal fat deposits in muscles
  • degenerative changes in the changes in the heart and other muscles
  • dry skin.




Vitamin A



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